OpenXml and openxmllib – looking for volunteers

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21/11/2008 by Gilles Lenfant


openxmllib is a pure Python package built on lxml that parses an ECMA373 office file (read *.docx, *.pptx, *.xlsx recorded from MS Office 2007). It can actually extract – very fast – the indexable words from an MS Office 2007 document. It may be used from any Python app, even from others (Java, PHP, C++ …)

Products.OpenXml is a component for Plone 2.5 -> 3.2 that registers the MIME types and icons for the known extensions for these office files and provides transform rules to indexable text, such MS Office 2007 documents in ATFile or any content type with a searchable FileField are indexed.

Both are avalaible at the cheeseshop.

Future directions

Yeah, those babies make satisfying job at the moment, I have not enough room to copy the testimonies of satisfied users. But users want more…

Have real plain text

openxmllib actually provides all words from a document. This is very fast because some XPath expressions make the job. But when the result is appropriate for indexing, it is not human friendly. The words are returned in any order and there’s no way to understand what’s written.

Have HTML preview

Yes, previews of office documents in a Plone site are great. ARFilePreview shows some of what I want to do: having a nice HTML document, visually as close as possible from the printed document.


Unfortunately, I have not much time to spend for this, and the ones who asked these features didn’t want to participate or fund my work. You are interrested for adding these features, please let me know. Skills in XSLT and in the ECMA373 standard are required for this.

Many thanks by avance.


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